ESUMC in D'Iberville

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Team to D'Iberville, MS!

Nov 2007

Edenton Street sent another work team to help with hurricane relief along the gulf coast in Mississippi. Our team departed on Sat Nov 10th and arrived safely at Heritage UMC in D'Iberville on Sunday. They will do home repair for the week and will return to us on Sat Nov 17th.

Many of the folks on this work team have gone to D'Iberville before. However the only requirement is a willing heart and this team includes three volunteers who are serving in Mississippi for the first time.

Please keep this work team (Mike and Jimmy are not pictured) as well as the residents of the gulf coast in Mississippi in your prayers this week.

In His service,

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last Day in Mississippi

Friday, April 6, 2007
During our morning devotions we passed around two Bibles that each person signed. Later when we visited the homes, we gave a Bible to each of the families as a gift from ESUMC.

We had some time to share during our morning devotions and it was very meaningful. There had been some cases where we didn’t quite get the appreciation we expected. We could see parallels to Christ. He did so many things for us and sacrificed for us, but was not appreciated. Then as a perfect dovetail, others in the group had been inspired the previous night to look up a poem attributed to Mother Teresa. You will find it at the bottom of this entry – you’ll see what I mean.

After devotions we did a big group picture and the two teams visited each other’s job sites. Everyone oooh’d and aahh’d over the smooth finish sheetrock work of Rob’s team. Popcorn ceilings had been applied to perfection and the rooms are ready for the next work team to paint. We prayed together over the home and our team before heading out.

After a ride by to see the fishing boats that had been washed ashore nearby, we all headed to the other job site in Biloxi. Anna (homeowner) met us there and brought her mom. It was the first time she had seen it with the finishing touches and the protective coating taken off of the floor. More oooh’s and aahh’s. In previous visits Anna had told us how much her mom liked to sing. Her mom blessed us with a gospel song called “In the Upper Room”. She even had our group singing the chorus background. It was great.

Next we went to visit Mrs. Nellie. ESUMC worked on her home over the two weeks that we had work teams in Mississippi last year. It was wonderful to see her in her home with all her things. She had a special shelf on her bookcase with pictures from the previous ESUMC teams. Then she shared with us how much our church’s work had meant to her. We got it all on video and hope to share it with the church family soon.

It was difficult to leave, but there were flights to catch and packing and cleaning to do before we hit the road back to N.C. Thank you so much for your prayers during the trip. It made all the difference. We will leave you with the poem “Do It Anyway”

In His Service,

Do It Anyway

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.
Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.
Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.
Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.
Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.

(credited to Mother Teresa – version found written on the wall
in Mother Teresa’s home for children in Calcutta)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday, Workday 4

You'll have to turn your head sideways but here is the breakfast set up everyday at the church. Every morning we had a choice of choosing either cereal or take out from Sonic or McDonalds. Towards the end of the week, the people choosing take out grew shorter and shorter...
A kick start to the morning: good ole sibling rivalry got Hillary and Harrison going in the morning as they fight over a seat in a comfy chair. Harrison of course in defending himself and did not instigate the conflict at all...
Passing out assignments: Stuart Sr. tells everyone the goals that the team hopes to accomplish. After this assigments are passed out and everyone goes about their jobs.
Doing his assignment for the time being, Ed paints the closet doors to make them more appealing, but enjoys the cool weather outside.
Patrick and Stuart Sr. work on installing a light fixture in the kitchen at the Gines house.
At the Gines house there were many different "visitors" that we had. This was one of the four dogs that lived in the area that was also excited we were working on Ms. Gines house.
John at work once again on thresholds in the back closet of the Gines house. John came to realize how things as simple as thresholds can be taken for granted. (threshold=metal or wooden strips that bridge the gap between flooring: wood-carpet-tile, etc.)
That brings us to the end of the last workday, Thursday, in D'Iberville. This sunset picture was taken as the team traveled home over the bridge that crossed the bay.

Pictures and captions done by Stuart Jr.

The ESUMC Bunch

This is the story, of a guy named Ramone, and his brothers and sisters in Christ. There were 12 folks, them all together, the youngest one with curly hair. They loved working for a lovely lady named Anna, who also loves and serves our Lord. She is delighted with her new abode which has been carefully crafted by a team of quickly skilled workers, who today prepped and popcorned her ceiling, placed tile in her bathroom, finished painting her where it was needed, and erected her mailbox. That's the way they worked together for the day while singing and praising God all the way.

suffering with Christ

Well, I can truly say I have suffered with Christ this week and I am loving it. I have felt sweat, pain and sacrifice of giving and serving to others and Im humbled by the experience. Meeting and getting to know our team and the victims has given me a greater appreciation for what we have. Seeing the many acts of love and compassion toward others I give God the glory - John

Maundy Thursday

Today has been both challenging and rewarding. Everyone worked very hard to finish. Chase, Hillary and Harrison painted molding and did lots of clean up. Rob as usual was a great teacher and talented worker, especially when installing doors. Most of us got covered in sheetrock dust and mud once again. We had our fourth day of lunch at Sonic with a great skating waitress who is also a member of Heritage UMC , the friendly church where we are staying. What better way to spend a Maundy Thursday?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Haise Street update

After waking up to raindrops and the threat of storms today, the rain stayed to the north and west and the clouds moved out mid-day to give us a sunny afternoon. We continue to enjoy a slight breeze that keeps things cool and spirits light and to make good progress on the Haise Street house.

We popcorned two of the ceilings yesterday but found that previous stains showed through today. After consulting with the paint store, Stuart opted to spray the ceilings with kilz and donned a special disposal suit for the task. He and Michael worked three rooms while we went out to lunch. That seemed to do the trick and the ceilings looked great! We cannot say so much for Stuart in that suit.

Other projects are making nice progress or wrapping up, including the kitchen floor, the utility room ceiling, the bathroom floor, detail touch ups, and the base boards. Some of the team even got started patching siding on the outside of the house.

Some members of both teams enjoyed a tour around D'Iberville and Biloxi to see the impact of Katrina and the rebuilding progress being made in the area. We all enjoyed bbq ribs and baked beans from The Shed (yumm!) for dinner and Larry treated us to a late night ice cream run (double yumm!). Hopefully we'll get the necessary rest tonight to finish up strong on Thursday. :-)

In His service,

Listening Ministries

Anna came by again today and shared more of her story about the storm. Her son took pictures with his cell phone and she printed out some harrowing photos. To imagine what that must have been like, on the roof, not knowing if the water was going to go higher. She was at a church several blocks away with more of her family, elderly in wheelchairs, five month old infant, cousins, and neighbors. Her son called from the cell phone saying they were moving onto the roof and to keep praying, then the phone died. She went hours not knowing if he was okay.

Then comes the story for the last year and a half. Working through multiple agencies, delays, and dead ends she has kept her spirit and faith. She's helping her mom and her grown children and working at a non profit to help others in the area. We had the honor of praying with her before she left for work. What an example.

We really have an amazing group of folks on our team. What is cool is that we are working our tails off, getting fed spiritually with our devotions each day, and laughing all the way. Doing God's work is FUN!!!!

By the way, thanks for the prayers for our trip coming down. We hit a really big storm that slowed us down, but we took our time and made it safely. We are counting on your continued prayers!!!

In His Service,

Photos from Wednesday

Photos from Wednesday taken by Karen

(the sheetrock group, and the tour)

Plastic on the walls, in preparation for popcorning:

Rob popcorning a ceiling:

D'Iberville water tower and "Welcome" painting:

Note the "Water Line" sign on this house (hopefully you can see's right at the bottom of the roof line):

In many places, where there used to be houses, there are now just cement slabs, front steps, and/or pilings (and in many cases, FEMA trailers, still):

This is a section of low-income housing that was built right before the storm; no one had moved in yet by the time Katrina blew through, and the houses haven't been repaired yet:

More volunteer workers; the first is another group like ours, and the second is a camp set up by a group of veterans for their volunteers:

This church building (now gutted) was the former home of Heritage UMC, right on the bay, across the street from the water:

If I understood correctly, a casino barge landed on top of this building:

With the windows blown out, this hotel looks like a strange dollhouse or cross-section of a building (click on picture and you can see lamps, tables, etc. in the rooms):

I can't remember for sure (we saw so much, and at the end of a busy workday), but I think the tour leader said this was an old hotel:

Just a shot of the beach:

There used to be a church building here (the black stone is a monument to those who died in Hurricane Camille):

A cemetery and a separate mausoleum, neither of which fared well during the storm:

A building of non-hurricane-related interest. The driver said this church was built by blowing up a giant balloon and spraying foam over it:

Wednesday update

Today was another busy, productive, memorable, great day! The fatigue is starting to catch up with several of us now, but we are pushing through. The sheetrock group (of which I am a member) worked all day Monday and all day Tuesday on scraping, sanding, mudding, taping, and skimming walls as well as ceilings. This morning we worked on finessing all that work with some light sanding, getting the walls super-smooth and ready to be primed. We did that until lunchtime.

About lunchtime: Our sheetrock gang has been eating at Sonic for lunch every day. Today was Day 3 for Sonic lunches. It’s the perfect spot. We can show up with sheetrock dust all over us, not to mention globs of dried sheetrock mud. There’s a wide variety of foods to please every palate: burgers, chicken, salads, burritos, and of course ice cream, slushies, smoothies and the like. We can sit down and eat in the little picnic area and enjoy a cool breeze. What’s more, the waitress who has been our server attends Heritage United Methodist Church, which is our home base while we’re here in D’Iberville. We did have a small contingency of people (including all three of the teenagers in our group) who decided to opt for a little something different today, and they went to Cici’s Pizza instead to take advantage of the cheap pizza buffet. Hard to beat all-you-can-eat pizza for less than $5.00, I guess.

After lunch, our group returned to the work site, and we immediately went to work on taping plastic over all the walls so that the popcorn ceilings could be done/sprayed/blown. This took a solid two hours at least, maybe three. The space we’re working on is huge. I’m not sure of the square footage, but there are three good-sized rooms (two bedrooms and what looks like a family room), plus a walk-in closet, a linen closet, two other closets, a bathroom, and two hallways.

By 4:30 p.m., we had finished most of the taping, and the popcorn spraying had begun. About half of us were able to leave the site at that time to join some of the folks from the other group for a tour of the area. A gentleman from Heritage UMC drove us around D’Iberville and Biloxi, showing us the storm damage and things in various states of destruction, demolition, renovation and repair. We returned to the church around 6:00 p.m. Tonight’s dinner is ribs, from someplace the previous groups from ESUMC discovered. They’re supposed to be delicious. And since they are calling for dinnertime right now, I’m going to go check it out for myself!

I took a bunch of photos and will post them later tonight.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Greetings from D'Iberville!. Day 2 of work was very productive. The Haise Street project made many improvements. Report from the backside of the house where Lock-n-Seal laminate flooring was being installed: It was not a snap. No warranty of mechantability can be offer by the team on this project. The only thing guaranteed are sore knee caps (for the future knee surgery!) and a test of patience. With of combination of steps learned from the "Electric Slide" and the "Shimmy," the project was completed and won the approval of straw boss, Stuart, Sr.

While several struggled with the floor, others successful popcorned (the un-edible type) the ceilings in the dining room and living room. Also we finished painting ceiling in several rooms, hung dry wall ceiling in laundry room and added the second eye dilating coat of pepto-bismal pink on the front bedroom walls. Finally we installed the baseboard trims all around the house and deserted the premises for the day.

Meanwhile back on the mainland, drywall continued to be the activity of choice. Mudding, taping and sanding kept the participants covered in dust and God's good Mississippi mud. Ray kept Lowes in business with many runs for purchases such as doors and trim. Crew Chief Rob remains optimistic that his crew will finish all projects before the week is out. However the jury is still out...

After a long day at the work sites, the team enjoyed traditional Cajun food at Cafe New Orleans. Highly recommended by the team who feasted on various Cajun delicacies. The team went home and shortly there after called it an evening!

Submitted by Dawn and Ed

Tuesday Pictures

Ruthie works on painting the ceiling of the kitchen in the Gines house.
The 'Pep' boys at it again: Ed and Bill work on painting a door in the Gines house.
Caught in the action: Patrick takes a break from grouting the cracks in the bathrooms.
A scary picture: Stuart Sr. poses with his weapon of choice, the nail gun. He puts the finishing touches on the door jam for the utility room.

The new fad: I show off my "In His Service" band and newly acquired "bling" or chandelier bracelet links.

Pictures and captions by Stuart Jr., Ed, and Dawn

Monday, April 02, 2007

Workday 1 Pictures

The Start of the Day: Michael and Stuart Sr. figure out what tools will be necessary at each work site for the day. (What is that on Stuart's head?...)
Ed shows off the color of the room he painted. By the end of the day everyone had some paint to show their work. Ed is also sporting his "In His Service" band provided by John at the beginning of the week after his devotion. Leading By Example?...Top: Michael Bottom: Pat Keane. The above were the fearless leaders of one team and took a mental health break to rest their minds for later problem solving situations. (Click pictures to zoom)
Great Minds at Work: Stuart Sr., Ed, and Michael collaborate and try to figure out the best way to lay the "Snap Together" wooden flooring.

Ramone works on scrapping excess paint and sheet rock mud off of the floor to prepare it so the team could later lay vinyl flooring.

Oh yes, HUMC came prepared for Chase. This was found in the fellowship hall of the daycare at HUMC.

Pictures and Captions by Stuart Jr.

Sunday and Monday photos

Saturday Night we stayed at Auburn United Methodist.
Jackie making herself at home on the top bunk.
Unloading supplies at Haise street house
The Haise Street House
The "Pep" Boys- Ed and Bill in the pink room.

Patrick and Stuart are excellent painters!
John working hard on the ceiling.
Pat and Stuart with Anna (homeowner). Last summer ESUMC worked on her mother's house.
1st nights dinner- Pizza!